David and Jennifer Stein

Majesty in Motion (MIM) is a salsa dance company dedicated to high-energy performance, a jazzy style, and precise musicality. Founded in 2002 by David and Jennifer Stein, MIM has become the largest Salsa company in San Diego.

Since MIM’s inception almost 16 years ago, we have grown from one team to now ten teams including five partner salsa teams, two ladies teams, and three Bachata teams. MIM’s directors and teams have traveled all over the world, performing and teaching in Bermuda, Japan, Canada, England, Sweden, and across the United States in Washington, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, and Oregon. Their commitment and dedication to the salsa community has been recognized and awarded by the late Albert Torres, the world’s premier producer of live salsa music and dance events.

In addition to entertaining crowds with top-notch performances, MIM provides 20 years experience in teaching and directing teams. They offer classes 7 days a week in Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cha Cha, ladies styling, and cardio hip hop. As MIM continues to grow every year, they encourage all members of the community to express themselves through creative movement, teamwork, and leadership.

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Meagan Brown

Meagan has part of Majesty's professional team for years as they've travelled the world showcasing their talent and style. Meagan is elegant, knowledgable, and helpful with a dramatic dance style.

Robbie Thoreau

Robbie joined Majesty in Motion after leading various dance groups at San Diego State University. Robbie's talent was apparent as he started training with Majesty and soon he would help create Majesty's newest Bachata teams. Robbie hosts Bachata Tuesdays at Sevilla Nightclub and teaches our Bachata Training Team and Bachata Men's Team.

Anthony Blanco

Anthony arrived in San Diego via Austin and has an extensive ballroom and swing background. Anthony has been a great addition to the Majesty team where he quickly assumed the role of director for the beginner salsa team. His newest project is Majesty's Performance Bachata Team.