1.Online pre registration is required. No drop ins will be accepted. There will be a waitlist option, should space become available. 
2. Cancellations must be received within 4 hours of class beginning.
3. Late Cancels and no-shows will be charged.
4.Masks are optionals to enter the studio and during class.
5. A staff member will perform a screening upon entering the studio. 
6. Classes will be capped at 20 people in the Large room and 15 in the small room.
7. Upon entering, please sanitize your hands (hand sanitizer will be available).
8. Students will wait outside, keeping 6ft in distance, until instructed to enter.
9. Students will enter the studio and claim a spot on the floor (blue tape). 
10. During class, rows will rotate to give everyone the opportunity to have a closer view to the mirror and instructor.
11. Personal yoga mats are encouraged for classes with floor based warm ups/drills, classes such as body movement or stretching.
12. After each class students will evacuate the building for cleaning.
13. No FOOD or outside drinks will be allowed in the studio (coffee, soda, juice, etc.) except for water.
Water must be in a sealed container.
14. Limit personal belongings to essentials only(Dance shoes, phone, keys or wallet).
No backpacks or large bags.
15. While in the studio remember to practice social distancing.
Please avoid physical contact and gathering in the studio.


1. Cancellations for group classes must be received within 4  hours of class beginning.
2. Group Class packages expire after 1 year.


1. Private Lessons are 45 minutes.
2. Private Lessons require a minimum of 24 hours for cancellations or re-booking.
3. Private lesson can be shared up to 2 people.
4. Small Group Private lessons up to 6 people, will require for 1 individual to book for the entire group. Client will be responsible for recruitment of group members.


1. Team Memberships are due on the 1st of the month, via auto payment.
2. Late payments received or unsuccessful payments after the 5th of the month, are subject to a $10 late fee.
3. Team memberships may be cancelled within a 15 day notice prior to the next billing cycle.