Kids Dance Class

Introduction To Movement

Mini Movers (3-4) & Creative Movement (5-6)

Students are introduced to body movement tools and social play to enhance their motor, cognitive, and social skills. The instructor uses imagination, music, and gameplay to teach students balance, posture, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, self-awareness, and creative expression.

Hip Hop

Youth Hip Hop Open Level (7+), Kids Hip Hop (7-12), & Teen Hip Hop (13+), & Adult Hip Hop Open Level (17+)

Students will learn different dance styles and vocabulary of hip hop such as grooving, locking, popping, floating, urban, and freestyling. Students will practice the basic elements of hip hop dance through warm-up, conditioning, drills, repetition, and choreography improving their rhythm, coordination, musicality, sense of creativity, confidence, and social skills.


Kids Ballet (7-12) & Teen Ballet (13+)

Students will expand their basic ballet foundations, training in the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Students will develop the basic ballet positions, posture, stamina, rhythm, body alignment, placement, strength, control, musicality, coordination, concentration, and self-discipline. This class provides social development where cooperation, empathy, and confidence are learned.


Youth Salsa Open Level (7+), Kids Salsa (7-12), Teen Salsa (13+)

Students will be introduced to salsa dance and music through various elements. We will be learning the fundamentals of timing, basic steps, shines/footwork, styling, posture, and body movement. This fun high energy class will improve students' social development, confidence, and sense of creativity through engaging exercises, choreography, and activities.


Youth Bachata Open Level (7+), Kids Bachata (7-12), & Teen Bachata (13+)

Students will learn bachata fundamentals in a fun engaging class environment! This class will introduce basic footwork, turn patterns, body isolation, timing, musicality, and more. This fun high energy class will improve students' social development, confidence, and sense of creativity through engaging exercises, choreography, and activities.

Lizette Ortiz | Youth Program Coordinator and Dance Instructor

Born and raised in San Diego, Lizette has been dancing since the age of 5 and has been working with the dance community for over 9 years teaching hip hop, salsa, bachata, contemporary, musical theatre dance, ballet, jazz, and movement for actors. Lizette’s primary objective in her classes is creating community, respect, empathy, and confidence in each of her students. She believes that the arts play an important role and is necessary to better her students social, cognitive, and physical development. Lizette focusses on teaching not only the fundamentals and techniques of multiple dance styles but how working and creating with others can be transferred to 21st Century Life Skills.

Lizette currently dances with Majesty in Motion and is preparing to perform with Malashock Dance Company in "Shine" the musical by Jason Mraz. She has also worked with multiple dance choreographers and companies throughout San Diego.

Lizette graduated from San Diego State University with an M.S in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Organizational Management and a B.S in Child and Family Development with an emphasis in curriculum building. Her introduction to teaching, arts integration began when she joined the South Bay Family YMCA in 2011 working in after school programs and then becoming the Dance Program Coordinator for the Eastlake YMCA in 2014. Her experience continued to grow working with the City of San Diego Recreation Department creating and teaching community programs promoting health and wellness through fitness and dance. Lizette transferred her experience to Malashock as the school administrator and outreach teacher for Math in Motion, a math and dance arts-integrated program. Lastly, she recently had the privilege of creating curriculum and teaching movement for actors with the La Jolla Playhouse summer program.

Oslin Licea

Diane Shivaie


1 class $15
4  classes $45
8 classes $80
16 classes $130
Kids Student Special; $80 for 1 month unlimited 


12:00pm-12:45pm : Mini Mover (3-4) with Lizette
4:15pm-5:00pm : Creative Movement (5-6) with Lizette
5:00-6:00pm : Youth Ballet (7+) with Lizette
6:00pm-7:00pm : Youth hip hop (7+) with Lizette
5:30pm-6:30pm : Youth Salsa (7+) with Diane & Oslin