4 Week Intro to Sensual Bachata Course taught by Robbie Thoreau

This course is designed to give you a strong foundation in body movement/isolation lead & follow Bachata technique. We will explore the elements of sensual bachata in a safe and respectful environment. Sensual Bachata has its own language and in this class you will learn the ABC’s of connection and body movement!

You will learn:
✢ Body Isolation
✢ Isolation Lead & Follow
✢ Counter balance technique
✢ Body rolls & variations
✢ Sensual partnerwork
✢ How to properly connect with your partner
✢ Musicality
✢ Sensual Bachata etiquette 

4 Weeks | April 2 – 23
Every Monday

Registration opens at 6:30pm on April 2nd. Please arrive early before class to sign up.