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4 Week Mambo Immersion Course


Ready for the next level?

4 weeks, 8 hours of dance with optional practice time after class! Sign up for the new Mambo On2 Immersion Course.

  • Starts August 4th, 8:30-10:30pm
  • Every Monday in August
  • 2-hour lesson then stay and practice
  • Cost: $80 for the entire series

Why dance on2? The best dancers in the world dance this style and learning more styles will only make you a stronger dancer. Learning to dance on the 2nd beat of the music will increase your awareness of the music enhancing your flavor, giving you more flow with the music and your partner!

You will learn how to hear the mambo beat, learn fancy footwork along with the coolest mambo turn patterns!

More info please call 619.917.1721 or

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